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CAR's McAlinden discusses ways that product mix is affected by gas prices

Sean McAlinden, senior economist for the Center for Auto Research, talked about Michigan's recovery from the worst automotive industry downturn in 70 years and the auto industry's ongoing fortunes during a lecture at Wayne State University last week. During a Q&A session following the lecture, McAlinden tackled the persistent question about why the U.S. auto market has never embraced passenger car diesels with quite the same fervor that the Europeans have. "Direct fuel-injected, modern diesels give the French, already, 46 mpg for their fleet average," he said in pointing out the advantages of using diesel. "But many cars are 60 mpg in the B class, Fiats and Peugeots and the like. (print edition only)

Editorial: Michigan should put out the welcome mat for immigrants

A Detroit News editorial says Gov. Rick Snyder was right to say he hopes to boost immigration as part of his economic revitalization program for the state. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, via teleconference, also told the audience at the Wayne State University immigration conference that New York City lost only 1 percent of its jobs in the recent recession, compared to a national average of 6 percent. He attributed this fact to the many immigrants to his city. As he noted, \"Immigrants make jobs rather than take them.\"
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Wayne State University extends deadline for aid plan

Wayne State University has extended for two months the eligibility deadline for a temporary financial aid package designed to help students especially impacted from the down economy. The plan, announced in March and now with a deadline of June 30, instituted a one-time doubling of university financial aid to qualified full-time freshmen. Additionally, WSU announced this week that it is offering a 50% reduction in tuition for up to two classes per semester for two semesters to alumni or spouses of alumni who have lost a full-time job within six months of the time they enroll for classes.

MTU's Guisfredi earns GLIAC post-grad scholarship

Wayne State University baseball player Michael Wiseman is a recipient of the 2011 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) Postgraduate Scholarship. The honor, which awards each recipient $5,000 in aid to the graduate school of their choice, was voted on by the Faculty Athletic Representatives of the GLIAC member institutions. Wiseman led Wayne State with a .368 batting average (ninth in GLIAC) and a career-best 71 hits to lead the conference. A 2011 GLIAC Commissioner's Award winner, Wiseman graduated from the WSU Business School this spring with a 3.55 grade point average.

Wayne and Windsor law schools team up for environmental law clinic

Wayne State University Law School and the University of Windsor Law School are collaborating to provide their students opportunities to work together in the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center. Beginning as early as this fall, students from both schools will tackle together legal issues including air and water quality, invasive species, renewable energy and environmental justice. The Great Lakes Environmental Law Center is located in TechTown. Nick Schroeck, director of the Wayne Law Environmental Law Clinic and the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, comments in the story.
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Are American ideals a pipe dream?

Stephen Henderson spoke with Marc Kruman, director of the Center for the Study of Citizenship and history professor at Wayne State University, about the state of America today. The conversation focused on opportunity, political participation and American ideals. Regarding the role of race, Kruman said that the founding fathers would likely be surprised at the degree of racial equality in the U.S. today and that they never got far enough to conceptualize it. He added that the black vote in the south since 1965 has changed the region and that black elected officials were unthinkable before.