November 22, 2019

SOM history book on sale for holidays

The new history of the Wayne State University School of Medicine is now available for a limited holiday offer of $29, 42% off the regular price of $50.

Written by Professor Emeritus of Surgery Larry Stephenson, M.D., to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the medical school’s founding, “Wayne State University School of Medicine: 150 Years, 1868-2018,” is the complete history of the school, its faculty and leadership, and its role in the history of medicine in Detroit and Michigan. 

Sobel and Stephenson
School of Medicine Dean Jack D. Sobel and book author Larry Stephenson, M.D.

There are a limited number of copies of the 563-page hardcover edition.

The history describes how and why the School of Medicine was founded, the people and personalities who changed the face of medicine and medical research, and those who worked to overturn segregation in the field of medicine and in Detroit’s hospitals.

Reviews from readers include:

“It is masterfully written and documented, and a pleasure to read and reminisce on the good and challenging times.”

“Immediately got lost in the text … wonderful graphics.”

“I have read major portions of the book, especially that occurring in my years. You have done a phenomenal job organizing and reconstructing a complex sequence of events.”

“Wayne State University School of Medicine has such an amazing history, and you have captured it … . You were able to bring out the true personalities of all the people who have played such an important role in the history of the school … .”

“The book captured the essence of what was going on. I enjoyed it; it is a real contribution. Anyone who wants to know the history of the Wayne State University School of Medicine will learn that this it the place to find it.”

The book can be ordered here. It also is available for purchase by credit card in the Office of Alumni Affairs, 1369 Scott Hall.

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