Tip sheet

Wayne State University experts available to comment on trending topics for June

Wayne State University's PR team compiles a list of university experts who can speak about trending topics and significant milestones each month.

To reach an expert, contact:

Ted Montgomery, 313-577-5699, tedmontgomery@wayne.edu

Tom Reynolds, 313-577-8093, treynolds@wayne.edu


Our expert can talk about the establishment of LGBT Pride Month and the societal forces that came together to create the celebration. 

Roland Sintos Coloma, professor and associate dean in the Division of Teacher Education (TED), and Truman Hudson, Jr., instructor and outreach and marketing specialist in TED, can discuss strategies for creating and supporting more inclusive academic environments that address systems of oppression, hidden curriculum associated with various systems that shape LGBTQ+ students' identities and development in PK-12 public education, and how LGBTQ-related policies and politics shape inclusion, access, equity and safety in PK-12 education.

John Corvino, professor of philosophy and dean of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College, has conducted extensive research focusing on controversial "culture war" issues surrounding sexuality and marriage.

Dr. Diane Levine, professor of internal medicine, can speak about the specific health care needs of the LGBT community.


Our expert dietitian can offer compelling evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables leads to a longer, healthier life, and can also discuss strategies for adding fruits and vegetables to your everyday meal regimen.

Cathy Jen, professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, is an expert in the areas of dietary factors in obesity and diabetes, obesity prevention and intervention in adolescents, and obesity and chronic diseases in minority populations.

Noel Kulik is an assistant professor of health education – school or community, and affiliated with the Community Health Career Pipeline (CHCP). The CHCP connects Detroit youth with nutrition education and food systems exposure, leadership and employment as a pipeline to a university degree and careers in the health sector.

Heather Ladanyi, manager for the Center for Health and Community Impact, can discuss the Wayne State University Farmers Market. The community will be able to purchase locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, engage in yoga and other healthy living activities and support local vendors. The grand opening is on Wednesday, June 12; the market will be open Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. through the end of October.


Our expert can explain how we protect our environment globally, what works and what doesn't, and where there are serious risks.

Daryl M. Pierson, sustainability coordinator at WSU, works with the university's operational divisions to enhance environmental awareness and obtain efficiencies that preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He also supports environmental education and research, and engages the surrounding community through sustainability initiatives. Pierson is prepared to address World Environment Day along with various environmental topics and issues.


On June 6, Wayne State's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will launch a live web stream focused on a pair of peregrine falcons raising their chicks on WSU's Old Main building. The pair, Isabella and Freedom, have called the university's iconic clocktower home since 2016. 

Michelle Serreyn, the biologist behind the project, is prepared to talk about urban birds of prey and how viewers across the world can help researchers monitor these fascinating creatures.  


The Normandy landings on Tuesday, June 6, 1944, led to the liberation of German-occupied northwestern Europe from Nazi control and ultimately laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front. Our experts can put into perspective the momentous event and how it changed world history.

Elizabeth Faue, history department chair and professor, is a historian of the mid-20th century. She can talk about the U.S. war effort, focusing on the defense industry and armed forces.

Professor Andrew Port is a German historian who can offer insight on Germany's involvement.


The Association of University Presses will hold its annual meeting at the Detroit Marriott in the Renaissance Center June 11-13. Diversity and inclusion will be the main theme of this year's meeting, and several Wayne State staff will be involved. Wayne State University Press Promotions Manager Kristina Stonehill is available to talk about the cultural, educational and literary importance of university presses.


Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the U.S. flag, which happened on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Our expert can share what led to the design of the flag as well as the changes it has undergone over the last 241 years.

Marc Kruman, founding director of Wayne State's Center for the Study of Citizenship and professor of history, is available to discuss the historical significance of Flag Day.


The first Father's Day in the United States was celebrated in 1910. Like many holidays, it has evolved into a day where Americans spend millions of dollars on cards, gifts and dining out. Our expert can talk about how a simple commemoration of fatherhood has turned into a significant yearly boost to local economies.

Jeff Stoltman, associate professor of marketing and director of entrepreneurship and innovation programs, specializes in consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, and marketing management. 


National Meteor Watch Day is observed every year on June 30. Commonly known as shooting stars, meteors are space particles that burn up with a flash of light when they enter the Earth's atmosphere. It is estimated that 20 to 25 million meteors weighing about 100 tons in total enter the Earth's atmosphere every day. 

David Cinabro, professor and chair of the physics department, specializes in particle physics and astrophysics. As an astrophysicist, Cinabro examines the origin and ultimate fate of the universe — a discipline called cosmology. A frequent commenter in the media, he is ready to talk about the origin and significance of meteors.


Social Media Day is observed annually on June 30. In its short life, social media has redefined how people interact, communicate and share with family, friends and the world.

Karen McDevitt, lecturer and master's program director in the department of communication, specializes in media convergence with a focus on how new media is reshaping contemporary social practices. McDevitt is prepared to speak about the influence of social media on our culture.