February 26, 2024

WSU advisors support new mission and vision in 2024

Wayne State University’s community of professional academic advisors started the new year by ratifying new, campus-wide Academic Advising Mission and Vision statements. These statements were the result of an ad-hoc committee formed through leadership of the WSU Academic Advising Council (AAC) and the Excellence in Academic Advising (EAA) initiative, which recently completed a three-year self-study of academic advising at Wayne State. Department of Public Health advisor Margaret MacKeverican and Department of Music advisor Dan Hanrath served as co-chairs for the committee, and committee membership included representatives from all WSU schools and colleges as well as the University Advising Center. The committee was formed in early fall 2023 and completed its charge in December 2023. Ratification took place in early January 2024.

“The goal of the committee was to create mission and vision statements that not only align with those of the university but that also reflect the values of WSU advisors and the standards of the profession,” said Cheryl Kollin, senior director of the University Advising Center and co-liaison for the EAA project.  “Creating these statements was part of the final recommendations from our EAA self-study and is a necessary first step for other deliverables as well. The committee did a fantastic job, and the advising community confirmed that with overwhelming support and ratification.”  

Co-chair Margaret MacKeverican shared, "It was an honor to be chosen to co-lead this committee. Being a part of something so monumental for the advising community at WSU means a lot. The committee itself was amazing — they were committed, engaged, thoughtful, creative and collaborative. That is evident in what we’ve co-created, as well. We are proud to have co-created mission and vision statements that reflect our values as professionals at WSU. "

The new mission and vision statements, as well as a complete list of the committee members, can be found on the WSU general advising website and as well as on the advising sites of most schools and colleges. The published statements are below:

WSU Advising Mission Statement
Academic Advising exists to affirm and empower students. To enhance our students’ experiences, Wayne State University Advisors are committed to collaborating with our diverse local and global campus community. We provide equitable opportunities for every student and maximize student success through continuous professional development. Our advising fosters students’ sense of belonging, autonomy, awareness, and self-advocacy.  

Academic Advising Vision Statement​

To be a renowned leader in accessible, comprehensive, and holistic academic advising for a diverse student body.

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