April 6, 2023

Register for fall classes with new flat-rate tuition and save money, earn more credits

Two Wayne State University students sitting outside in the fall.
Learn, thrive and enjoy all Wayne State has to offer. Register now for fall classes and stay on track to graduate.

With the winter semester wrapping up, students are no doubt beginning to think about their plans for summer. However, before packing up and leaving campus, students are strongly encouraged to register for fall classes and take advantage of Wayne State’s new flat-rate tuition model.

Under the new pricing structure that will take effect this fall, undergraduate students will pay the same price whether they register for 12 credits or 18 during any one semester, incentivizing them to take full course loads and allowing them to graduate sooner.

Wayne State's vice president for academic student affairs and global engagement at a Wayne State Board of Governor's meeting.
Ahmad Ezzeddine, vice president for academic student affairs and global engagement.

“Research shows that students who complete at least 15 credit hours per semester perform better academically and graduate more often — and earlier — than students who take fewer credit hours per semester,” said Ahmad Ezzeddine, vice president for academic student affairs and global engagement.

Equally important, decreasing the period of time it takes to earn a degree lowers its cost through savings in tuition, room and board, transportation, and other expenses and also reduces student loan debt. It also enables graduates to enter the workforce earlier, boosting their earning potential.

Tuition is charged on a per credit hour basis for undergraduate students taking fewer than 12 credit hours. If a student has more than 18 credits, the flat-rate tuition plus the regular per-credit-hour rate for each credit hour over 18 applies.

Students that register for fall classes now will have the best selection of courses and times.

Aerial view of Midtown Detroit, Wayne State's campus on a sunny day.
Over the last decade, Wayne State has been a national leader in increasing student success, with graduation rates more than doubling and now exceeding 60%. 

“I know students are busy wrapping up projects and preparing for final exams, but if they can make a little time to register now, they’ll start summer knowing they’re ready to go in the fall,” said Ezzeddine. 

The university’s Board of Governors approved the flat-rate tuition pricing model in December, making Wayne State the 11th Michigan public university to adopt it. The board will vote in June on the university’s budget and finalize tuition for the coming year.

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