October 10, 2022

Advisor Training Academy announces 2022 awardees

Wayne State University’s academic advisors play an integral role in helping students navigate their personal path to graduation. From start to finish, academic advisors provide guidance and support by helping inform class and major selection, ensuring degree requirements and deadlines are met, and more. In addition to their routine duties, each of WSU’s 90 academic advisors have worked tirelessly over the last two years to help students adapt to hybrid classroom environments, while addressing increasing and new student needs, questions, concerns and anxieties.

The Advisor Training Academy recognizes outstanding advisors annually in four categories. Recipients of the Advisor Training Academy Awards are nominated by students, supervisors or their peers for exceptional dedication, innovation and advising approach. Awardees will be formally recognized at the annual Advisor Training Academy Recognition Tea in December.

“Academic advisors are often the one person a student is guaranteed to have an ongoing relationship with during their time at Wayne State. Advisors are not just interested in supporting a student’s academic or vocational choices; they are often equally involved with other aspects of decision-making and problem-solving in their life,” said Kate Bernas, associate director for the University Advising Center, who oversees the Advisor Training Academy. “In many ways, advisors facilitate the connections that students need to be successful and can have a significant impact in the outcomes of a WSU degree.

Wayne State’s advisors are tireless advocates for our students. They consistently go above and beyond to provide support and guidance. An exceptional academic advisor has tremendous impact – and we’re fortunate to have so many dedicated professionals serving our students and university.”


The 2022 Advisor Training Academy Awards


Outstanding Academic Advisor

Stacie Moser, Departments of Sociology and Criminology & Criminal Justice

Stacie Moser
Stacie Moser

"Over my entire academic career as a faculty member, department chair, senior associate dean, and associate provost at both research and teaching intensive universities, Ms. Moser stands out as the most competent and engaged academic advisor with whom I have worked. In short, Stacie is a gem. My department and, indeed, the entire university are most fortunate to have her as a member of our team." — Dr. Jeffrey Kentor Professor, WSU Department of Sociology, who nominated Moser


Outstanding New Academic Advisor

Lauren Orr, Department of Public Health

Lauren Orr
Lauren Orr


“As a new-to-WSU advisor, I've depended so much on Margaret MacKeverican, my co-advisor in the Department of Public Health, and Emily Reetz, my ASMP mentor. With their support — and the exceptional resources of the Advisor Training Academy — I've sought to translate my previous advising experience to the WSU context. This recognition is wonderful validation of that effort!” — Lauren Orr

Outstanding Academic Advising Team

Pre-med and Health Science Center (PMHSC) advising team: Tyrone Austin, Arnelle Douglas, Laura Hetzler, Amanda Horwitz, Desmond Mack, Helen Wilson, Kate Bernas

Pre-med and Health Science Center advising team
Pre-med and Health Science Center advising team

“The words that come to mind when I think about our team are: student-centered, supportive and collaborative. A great example of the work we do that demonstrates these qualities is the alignment of our essential sessions. We offer essential sessions in each of the areas we advise in. The goal of these sessions is to teach students baseline information that will allow them to develop a personalized plan for a competitive application with their advisor. The PMHSC worked together to align the curriculum and delivery to ensure all students interested in a health science career receive similar experiences. To accomplish this alignment, each of the advisors on the PMHSC team is assigned a program in which to become a subject matter expert. As we learn about changes, updates and new processes related to professional preparation, we work together to inform each other, and share the information with students.” — Amanda Horwitz


Transfer Advising Champion

Patricia Michno, Mike Ilitch School of Business

Patricia Michno

“When working with students, I try to put myself in their shoes. Transferring can be intimidating, and I try to make it as easy as possible. We call them students, but they’re also human beings with a story. I work to build a relationship with trust so that they’re comfortable sharing and I can provide the best possible help.” — Patricia Michno


Additional information about the Advisor Training Academy Awards and this year’s recipients can be found online. To learn more about the Advisor Training Academy, visit advisortraining.wayne.edu.

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