February 11, 2022

Student Senate candidate applications open Feb. 13

Student Senate members pose for a photo.
Student Senate applications open Feb. 13.

Candidate applications open Feb. 13 for students interested in running for the 2022-23 Wayne State Student Senate. Applications will be open until midnight on March 6, with the election set for April 4 through 6.

“If you're interested in setting your future on the right path, the Student Senate at Wayne State University is where you want to start,” Student Senate President Sailor Mayes said. “Becoming a leader, helping students across campus and tackling issues within the community are core reasons why I joined the Student Senate.

“Being able to delegate and make change right in front of your eyes gives you a new perspective on leadership, especially within a university,” Mayes added. “If you are ready to take that step in becoming tomorrow's leader, join the Student Senate and become a Warrior of Warriors.”

The Student Senate is made of 30 members, 15 members-at-large and 15 representing different schools, colleges or units. Students can only run for one position, so students running for a member-at-large position cannot also run to represent a school, college or unit.

A full list of requirements is available on the Student Senate election website. Some of the key requirements for undergraduates include having and maintaining a 2.50 GPA, having completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at Wayne State, and being enrolled in at least six credit hours.

Graduate students must be enrolled in at least three credit hours and have completed six graduate credit hours at Wayne State, unless they have 12 hours of undergraduate credits at Wayne State.

If a student is running for a school or college, they must have their major declared in that school or college by the application close date. If a student is running to represent student residents, they must have a Housing and Residential Life application on file by the election application close date.

Other requirements include submitting a brief biography and photo and attending a mandatory candidates’ meeting regarding election policies and procedures on March 8.

Candidates who do not meet the eligibility requirements will be notified via email by March 7. A final list of candidates will be issued by 8 p.m. on March 9.

Campaigning may not begin until March 21, and a full list of campaign rules is available on the Student Senate election website.

“Students should run for Student Senate because it not only provides a greater opportunity to make important changes at Wayne State, but it also gives you the chance to develop relationships with administration and valuable friendships with other members,” Student Senate Treasurer Fatima Hammoud said.

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