September 7, 2021

Study space: Discover locations across campus to study, participate in remote learning

Buildings across campus, including the new STEM Innovation Learning Center, offer places for students to study and learn remotely.

Whether you’re taking classes in person, remotely or a mix of both this semester, there are plenty of common spaces on campus to focus on your studies - whether you're seeking a quiet, focused study space or a location for collaborative learning. Below are some suggested study locations, which can be found on the WSU Campus Map. Be sure to check with your professors and advisors, too, because many schools and colleges also have designated lounges and study spaces for students.

1. Undergraduate Library (UGL)

Located at the center of campus across from the Student Center Building, the UGL provides access to countless resources, 24/7 support and has plenty of space for learning. The first floor is home to a computer lounge and offers space for silent study. The second and third floors have additional computers, as well as options for solitary and collaborative studying, Additional details and hours of operation are available online.

2. Purdy Kresge Library

Located across from the Student Center Building and near the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center, Purdy Kresge Library has open table seating and study space available on all floors. Additional details and hours of operation are available online.

3. Student Center Building

Dubbed the “living room” of campus, the Student Center Building (SCB) is home to open space for gathering, learning, dining and more. While the SCB may be busier at peak times, there are open study spaces throughout the first three floors of the building.  Additional details and hours of operation are available online.

4. Old Main

Located at Cass and Warren, Old Main is one of the most easily identified buildings on campus — it looks like a castle! All students are invited to study in the second-floor lounge.

5. State Hall

Home to a variety of classes and centrally located on Cass, across from the bookstore and adjacent to Science Hall and the A. Paul Schaap Chemistry Building, State Hall has plenty of study spaces throughout the building. Students can take advantage lounges on the first, second and third floors, as well as open seating on the west end of the fourth floor.

6. Faculty/Administration Building

Located near the center of campus, across from the Student Center Building and adjacent to the College of Education, the Faculty/Administration Building (FAB) can’t be missed — it has a curved wall of windows. FAB is home to multiple departments, faculty offices and the university administration. Students are welcome to study in the open-air atrium on the first floor.

7. STEM Innovation Learning Center

One of the newest spaces on campus, the STEM Innovation Learning Center (SILC) is dedicated to multidisciplinary learning and engagement and has ample space for studying. The SILC is a tall, black building near the corner of Cass and Warren and adjacent to the chemistry, biology, and physics buildings. While there are collaborative spaces and lounges throughout the buildings, students can also reserve quiet space in a touchdown room. Reservations can be made ahead of time online or in-person, as space is available, for rooms 210, 220, 320, 420, 421, 520, 620, 621 and 720.

8. Manoogian Hall

Located at the corner of Warren and Anthony Wayne Drive, Manoogian Hall offers open study space in the Polish Room on the first floor (near the doors by General Lectures), and the second-floor corridor.

Students are encouraged to review tips about effective hybrid learning on the Learn Anywhere webpage. Additionally, Computing & Information Technology is available to support technology needs and questions, and noise-canceling headsets are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis.

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