July 1, 2021

Second vaccine survey to help guide final fall plans

In May, Wayne State University conducted a survey to better understand how many of its students, faculty and staff had received COVID-19 vaccines.

The results — almost 7,700 responses (approximately 25% of the Wayne State community) — provided a helpful glimpse in estimating vaccination status as the university transitions back to campus to prepare for the fall.

To build on that knowledge and gain a more comprehensive understanding of Warriors’ vaccination status, the university has created a second survey.

“This anonymous survey takes only a few minutes to complete. Even if you completed the survey in May, please participate in this second survey,” said Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson. “The results will guide us as we make the final plans for our return to campus. The survey can be accessed online; please complete it by noon on Wednesday, July 14.”

Anyone who has not yet received a vaccination is encouraged to do so as soon as possible, through either the Campus Health Center or at another convenient location. For those who have already received the vaccine or plan to do so, watch for communications to learn how the university is rewarding that commitment to the health and safety of the campus community.

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