July 14, 2020

Dean of Students Office recognized for use of Engage platform

Wayne State University has been named the winner of Campus Labs’ All Star Award. The award recognizes WSU’s successful adoption and organic growth of the Campus Labs tool Engage, which is used to power the Dean of Students Office’s (DOSO) Get Involved platform.

“Since its implementation, Get Involved has been a powerful tool for campus collaboration, and we’re pleased to have had so many others on campus take advantage of the platform,” said Dean of Students David Strauss. “We know that student engagement and well-being are directly linked to academic success, and Wayne State is using Get Involved to support students in innovative, efficient ways.”

Get Involved, launched in October 2016, was first used to coordinate student organization registration and management, event planning, and space reservations. The platform also includes an event pass feature, which has been embraced by numerous groups on campus, that enables detailed event attendance tracking at all student events. DOSO has seen an uptick in student engagement in various forms, including an increase in the number of registered student organizations, which now exceeds 500, and student events, of which there have been nearly 3,000 per year. Get Involved has also been used to create the Warrior Rewards and Warrior Life and Wellness programs, launched in fall 2019, which incentivize student engagement and wellness. In spring 2019, Get Involved also became the official system for university elections; voter participation in Student Senate elections reached all-time highs on the platform in 2018 and 2019.

DOSO worked with partners across campus to collaboratively maximize and expand the use of Get Involved, leading to rapid organic adoption of the platform. Athletics uses Get Involved to support ticketing and event participation; similarly Housing and Residential Life uses the platform to support programming activity and engagement assessment for student residents. The platform has also been made available to schools, colleges, divisions, departments and programs on campus for exploration. The platform has been used by campus Learning Communities for its annual peer educators training, to support orientation promotion and participation tracking, and to promote the annual farmers market, among other projects. The growing list of partners already includes the College of Education, Special Events, University Libraries, the School of Medicine’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the departments of dance and music. 

Additionally, the platform is helping fuel WSU’s academic mission via collaboration. DOSO is currently partnering with Computing and Information Technology to integrate Get Involved into Banner and STARS 2.0 to help share student co-curricular activities with academic advisors to provide a comprehensive view of a student’s involvement.

“Campus Labs is constantly working on improvements and new tools for its campuses and we’re excited to use these features to continue collaborating with other units and enhancing student life experience,” said Heather Marks, marketing coordinator in the Dean of Students Office.

To learn more about Get Involved, visit getinvolved.wayne.edu or contact Heather Marks at heather.marks@wayne.edu.

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