December 13, 2018

Thought Leader: Identity politics of dispersed Muslim communities in the US, UK and Europe

Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan’s areas of focus include U.S. policy, globalization, Middle East and Islamic studies, and genomics and bioethics. When he’s not giving his expertise to governments, media and the Vatican, Khan spends his time as senior lecturer in the department of Near East and Asian studies, where he teaches Islamic and Middle East history, politics and culture.

Khan founded the Center for the Study of Trans-Atlantic Diasporas, a think tank and policy center examining and comparing the condition of ethnic immigrant groups in North America and Europe, consulting the U.S. and U.K. governments on their respective Muslim communities. In addition, he has served as consultant to the U.S.-Arab Economic Forum.

Saeed Khan is a renowned senior lecturer whose expertise includes:

  • European Muslims
  • U.S. politics
  • Islamic bioethics

“Despite the fact that this [the bombing of Syria] is a humanitarian catastrophe of quite a large measure, those who are in Washington, D.C., particularly, are still looking at this primarily — if not exclusively — through the lens of politics.”

— Saeed Khan, WDET, April 2018

Khan has been a contributor to media agencies such as C-SPAN, NPR, Voice of America and the National Press Club, as well as newspapers and other outlets. He is also a consultant on Islamic and Middle East affairs for the BBC and CBC.

Selected media clips:

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