December 13, 2018

Thought Leader: Drafting a road map to student success

Monica Brockmeyer

As senior associate provost for student success, Monica Brockmeyer is responsible for the implementation of the retention initiative approved by the Wayne State University Board of Governors in 2011. She also acts as a liaison between the colleges and the Office of the Provost to support retention and student success initiatives across the university and is responsible for assessment of the retention initiative. She joined Wayne State in 1999 as a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science, where she is an associate professor.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Student retention
  • Diversity
  • Student success initiatives
  • Academic learning communities

“High-impact practices — due to the levels of engagement and learning that they promote — support student learning, student success and retention that lasts long after the end of the duration of the high-impact experience. The success of a learning community is multifaceted and depends on factors such as engagement, teaching pedagogy, learning styles, learning outcomes/goals and support. But the foundation for the success is in the quality of the relationships they support: relationships among students, between students and peer mentors, and between students and faculty.”

— Monica Brockmeyer, Student Success Blog, Aug. 2014

Selected media clips:

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