September 14, 2018

Have an idea that could energize Detroit?

The Wayne State University Library System will energize Detroit in the second annual STEAM Challenge, which brings interdisciplinary student teams together to pitch ideas to solve real problems facing the city. Energy is much more than power — How can we energize people, the economy and the city? From social justice and health disparities to technology and science, how do we harness energy to inspire innovation?

Teams will identify a real-world problem or issue that affects the city and suggest an idea for a project-based solution that uses an interdisciplinary approach. This year, the theme is Energize Detroit: Energizing the city by empowering mental and physical fitness and well-being. Participants don’t need a team or even an idea to join the kickoff, just an interest in participating.

This competition is open to students from any discipline. Teams will consist of three to seven undergraduate and/or graduate students. Each team must include representatives from at least three different disciplines (e.g. business, graphic design, engineering). The only requirement is to come with an idea or an interest to work on one with others. The idea can be a product, service, technology component, app or other venture that will help energize Detroit. With the support of Wayne State faculty coaches, workshops and instructional videos, students from all disciplines will learn how to generate ideas, identify opportunities and make an excellent pitch. No technology, programming or business planning experience is needed — facilitators will guide team members through the entire process, starting with idea generation and ending with how to give a well-crafted pitch.

The kickoff orientation will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on Sept. 25 in the community room of the David Adamany Undergraduate Library. Light refreshments will be available.

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