January 18, 2018

Detroit Hacker Nights coding workshops return to Wayne State

Detroit Hacker Nights are back!

Sponsored in part by Wayne State University’s Innovation Warriors, the university’s entrepreneurial resource office, the cutting-edge urban coding and networking gathering aimed at local youth returns to campus starting Jan. 22 and runs in two installments until March 19.

Each installment will present participants with two tech workshops related to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and challenge them to consider novel applications of AI.

“AI is to the early 21st century what the birth and explosion of the World Wide Web was to the mid-1990s,” said Aubrey Agee, coordinator of Detroit Hacker Nights and the director of Innovation Warriors. “AI is real and will be the driving engine of the technology world in the near future. It’s our duty to equip students of all ages and the community with tools and know-how in order to be at forefront of this new frontier.” 

Detroit Hacker Nights, which is also co-sponsored by tech companies Flyball Labs and trainX.ai, is open to participants ages 11 and up. The free event will be held over four weeks on Mondays from 6-9 p.m. in the third-floor community room of the David Adamany Undergraduate Library at 5155 Gullen Mall.

With the workshops, the Hacker Night effort aims to strengthen participants’ technological skills, enhance diversity in the tech industry and better align the industry with the breakneck advancements seen in AI in recent years.

“AI, machine learning and deep-learning technologies are growing faster than the job positions are being created,” said Mack Hendricks, chief technologist and program visionary for trainX.ai.  “The industry has to catch up to the technology, and that’s what we are introducing to Wayne State University and the community — the means to be part of this upcoming workforce and startup world.” 

Detroit Hacker Nights will lead into HackWSU 2018, Wayne State University’s 36-hour “hackathon” coding event, which will beheld in May. For more information, check the official schedule of the Detroit Hacker Night event.


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