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What's in the bag?

A story about how to pack healthy lunches for school children includes comments by Catherine Jen of the Nutrition and Food Science Department. She points out that parents play a key role in teaching their children healthy eating habits. "If the parent at home never eats any vegetables or healthy food, the kids won't," she says. "If the parent chooses variety and does not eat those junk foods, then the kids will learn." The article included suggestions for some healthy school-lunch items.

Wayne State University boost tuition 2.4 percent

The Wayne State Board of Governors kept its pledge to hold tuition increases at or below the rate of inflation for resident undergraduate students. A 2.4 percent increase in undergrad tuition, approved at the board's July 21 meeting, is contingent on the state's 3 percent restoration of a 5 percent cut for fiscal 2003-04. Nancy Barrett, provost and senior vice president, said the university has maintained its long-term commitment to tuition restraint while continuing to build strong academic programs and research efforts.