January 19, 2024

Applications now open for Global Health Research Collaborative’s online workshop for aspiring global researchers

The Global Health Research Collaborative is seeking registrants to attend its 2024 Global Health Summer Research Workshop, a six-week course to be held online June 24-Aug. 16 for aspiring researchers outside of the United States.

Participants will be paired with mentors to work together to develop and implement a research project in their region.

Apply at https://linktr.ee/ghrcwsu.

The workshop’s key elements include:

Asynchronous Classes: Students will be provided with a series of pre-recorded lectures on the GHRC’s Thinkific platform. At their own pace, students are expected to complete the lectures, along with their quizzes, before the start of the workshop.

Synchronous Classes: Live Zoom sessions will occur three times a week, with a GHRC faculty member leading interactive activities, including case studies, discussions, lectures and exchange of experiences with colleagues. Problem-solving will be conducted in group sessions.

Mentorship: Each student will be paired with a mentor, and they will meet on a regular basis to develop and implement a research project in the student’s region.

Capstone Project: This is a research project developed by students with the guidance of their mentors.

Networking: Every week, participants will have the opportunity to interact with other global health researchers from different countries in an online, informal meeting.

“The GHRC Workshop was great. I got a lot of training regarding the basics of research during the workshop, especially regarding working with Redcaps and doing literature review,” said India’s Brunda Lakshmish Kumar. “These are very minor things, but they make a difference when working on a project.”

Candidates must be a health and/or medical professional, have at least a graduate degree, be able to implement the research project developed throughout the workshop and be able to communicate in English.

“I really liked the workshop,” said workshop alum Jonathan Kajjimu of Uganda. “Everything in it was really amazing and organized to a point that was beyond my expectation. I’ve never been part of such a rigorous training that got me out of my comfort zone.”

The GHRC was created to ensure facilitation of global health research across a worldwide network that provides distinct advantages. These include supervision for research under individuals who understand their community sociologically, ease of communication and connection between professionals globally and development of unique global health research education platforms that provide an unprecedented level of practicum training.

Topics covered will include core work on quality improvement, library sciences, clinical research, biostatistics, and global and public health. Electives include Emergency Medicine, maternal and child health, communicable diseases and behavioral health.

Program graduates develop practical research skills to start their own independent research projects; work closely with mentors to submit proposals, abstracts and grants; develop a long-term collaborative relationship with their mentor; and become part of a growing global health research network.

Cost for the entire program is $249. Competitive scholarship opportunities are available for qualifying applicants from low- and middle-income countries.

To learn more about the Global Health Research Collaborative, visit https://ghrc.wayne.edu/.

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