June 7, 2024

From job fairs to professional paths: A look inside Wayne State’s Career Services

College to Career
Career Services staff with students.
(L-R) Susan Crowley, Marisa Villafranka , Shawn Pewitt and Siva Senthil

At Wayne State University, Career Services does more than fill job vacancies. It fuels aspirations, guides career paths and transforms students into professionals ready to conquer the world. Under the leadership of Shawn Pewitt, Career Services provides an array of resources to empower Wayne State students and alumni.

The department offers personalized career counseling, professional development workshops, career planning, internship opportunities and expansive job fairs and networking events. Each initiative is designed to cater to the distinct needs of students, alumni, employers and the broader community, ensuring a seamless connection between academic achievements and career ambitions.

One initiative of Career Services is its robust employer partnership program. This program forges crucial connections across diverse industries, bringing a variety of internship and employment opportunities directly to students’ doorsteps. These partnerships are not only gateways to valuable work experience but are also vital for understanding industry recruiting trends in relevant fields.

“We provide a holistic approach, when offering college to career resources,” Pewitt said. “We utilize strong performing online resources like Handshake, our pivotal system that enables students to make appointments, view and register for career events, and network with employers locally and nationally. Handshake is a combination of LinkedIn and Indeed tailored to entry-level experiences. It fosters communication and engagement within our employer and student community.”

This strategy has transformed the way that students and employers interact. Platforms like Handshake streamline the job search process while increasing students’ visibility in competitive job markets. This format encourages active engagement with potential employers, equipping Warriors with the confidence and skills to navigate their future careers successfully.

For School of Social Work student Angie Armstrong, a student assistant in the Office of the President and Office of the Provost, the resources offered by Career Services have been instrumental in her career development.

“I attended a career fair last winter in the Student Center. There were so many companies, agencies and employers present,” she said. “It was helpful to look at the list of employers in attendance and keep a shortlist of the ones I was interested in speaking with. Everyone was kind and helpful. I walked away with some great advice, good job leads for after I get my degree, and a lot of fun tchotchkes. Plus, Career Services offered free headshots, help creating an elevator pitch and staff to assist with building a better resume.”

Armstrong also appreciated the inclusivity of Career Services, noting its welcoming nature for students in different stages of life and across career paths.

“As a returning adult student who is doing a career pivot later in life, I find the Career Center to be welcoming to all campus students,” she said.

During the 2023-24 academic year, Career Services hosted over 1,600 events, ranging from career decision-making workshops to interview technique sessions, resume-writing strategies, and employer information and networking opportunities. These events are tailored to meet the needs of current students and alumni, ensuring ongoing support throughout Warriors’ professional journeys.

As students navigate college to career, Pewitt noted that it’s crucial to explore the services that are available. Staying connected with Career Services can significantly ease the transition to professional life.

For more information on Career Services, visit: careerservices.wayne.edu


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