January 22, 2024

Student Organization Spotlight: Mike Ilitch School of Business

With over 500 recognized student organizations, there’s ample opportunity for students to pursue their interests, connect with others and make the most of their Wayne State experience. Each month, different categories of registered organizations will be featured – be sure to check out Get Involved for the latest updates!

Mike Ilitch School of Business Student Organizations

  • Agency M-1 Connects the Detroit, Michigan area business communities with the students at the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University by establishing social links, economic ties, technological advantages, and real-world clients. This hands-on approach to learning accelerates the application of skills, improves education, and provides practical experience while strengthening ties between Wayne State and the community.     


  • Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fraternity that offers a great balance between the professional aspects of the corporate world and the social aspects of college. We help our members grow and teach them numerous skills that will help them thrive in their careers. We embrace our fraternal values by giving back to the local community through service events, promoting professional development by bringing in experienced speakers, facilitating informative development seminars, and hosting social events for brother bonding.


  • Financial Management Association provides its members with a better understanding of the field of finance and develops relationships with professionals in the Detroit metropolitan area.


  • Global Supply Chain Management Association is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting the academic study of Supply Chain Management. It aims to provide a professional network, gain exposure, and increase student involvement within the Supply Chain industry by hosting many events with employers, as well as professional development events each semester.


  • Information Technology Organization brings leading practitioners to campus, sponsors information sessions on new technologies, links students to local professionals and organizations in information systems and much more. We welcome all WSU students, undeclared major students, and those who have some interest in Information Systems.
    Information Technology Organization


  • Mike Ilitch Marketing Association seeks to bridge the gap between students and professionals by hosting employer events, speaking engagements, and workshops to ensure marketing professionals are better prepared for the workplace.



  • Sport and Entertainment Business Association provides students with a network to learn from professionals in the Sport and Entertainment industry, the ability connect with those professionals, and grow into their potential in their future careers within the industry.  Our motivated and passionate members will learn about different opportunities involving careers in the industry.  This organization connects students with influential members across the professional sports and live entertainment community by educating, spreading knowledge, and cultivating relationships. We find the most value in focusing on wisdom provided by guest speakers within the industry as well as collaborative efforts with local organizations. If you’re potentially looking for a career in the Sport and Entertainment industry or if you love to enjoy sport and entertainment, this is for you!
Sport and Entertainment Business Association


  • Warrior Consulting Group is an organization focused on educating students and gaining real-life business consulting experiences within Detroit and the Metro Detroit Area groups to enrich ourselves and our greater community.


  • Wayne Black Business Student Association strives to introduce graduate, undergraduate and high school students to entrepreneurship, leadership, equity, diversity, inclusion & access decisions in the industry as well as recruit prospective students of color to the Ilitch School of Business.  Through networking and leadership activities, members will engage the community and incite positive and effective change. 


  • Wayne Women in Business
    Wayne Women in Business is dedicated to providing women with business and entrepreneurial ambitions the necessary resources to thrive in their chosen career path. We strive to bring success to our members by offering opportunities that encourage personal and professional development. Our mission is provide our members with opportunities to network, interact with professional mentors, and provide potential career opportunities. Through our events and resources, we ensure all WWiB members will leave the Mike Ilitch School of Business confident in their skillset and capabilities.


The organizations selected for this feature were identified by the Mike Ilitch School of Business in January 2024. There may be additional organizations that have registered after this article was written that are not represented.

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