January 10, 2024

Warriors in the Community, Episode 37: Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic

Warriors in the Community is a radio segment that features short, insightful interviews with key figures from Wayne State University about the many ways in which the university and its programs make a positive impact on the metro area and on the lives of Detroiters. 

We are joined for this episode by Melanie Woods, DNP, Associate Chief Nursing Officer of the Taylor Street Primary Clinic, a full service primary care clinic that sees patients of all ages. Affiliated with Nursing Practice Corporation and the College of Nursing at Wayne State University and staffed with  highly skilled adult and family nurse practitioners, the clinic serves the city's Virginia Park community and surrounding Detroit neighborhoods by providing health care services to prevent and treat common physical illnesses, making wellness-related resources accessible, and promoting health education and wellness activities.

Announcer:  This is Warriors in the Community, brought to you by Wayne State University. And now, to learn about how Wayne State is positively impacting our communities, here's Darrell Dawsey.

Darrell Dawsey: Today, we are joined by Melanie Woods, DNP. She's Associate Chief Nursing Officer of the Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic, and she's here to tell us about all the great community engagement work going on there.

Welcome, Dr. Woods.

Melanie Woods: Thank you, happy to be here. 

Melanie Woods, DNP, Associate Chief Nursing Officer of the Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic

Darrell Dawsey: So, tell us briefly about the Taylor Street Clinic, and when and why it was founded, and who runs it.

Melanie Woods: So Taylor Street is a primary care clinic. We are full service. We're located in the Virginia Park neighborhood in Detroit. We serve Detroiters and Metro Detroiters of all ages.

We are staffed by adult and family nurse practitioners, a social worker, A collaborating physician and support staff. Well, can you tell us what services are available to? Sure thing. So we provide care again for all ages. We have immunizations, sports physicals, wellness visits, sick visits, chronic care conditions, acute care visits.

And also we provide therapy and behavioral health services.

Darrell Dawsey: That's doing a lot. Now, is the clinic part of a broader? WSU healthcare initiative that's aimed at Detroiters?

Melanie Woods: Yes, so Wayne State has always played a vital role in the education and health of Detroiters. Taylor Street is a perfect example of clinical, academic, and community partnership.

Nursing, advanced practice nursing students gain first hand experience at Taylor Street. They get hands on, and they get to see the patients that we see.

Darrell Dawsey: Awesome, awesome. So, can you share with us an anecdote that might help listeners better understand the impact that you're having here in the city?

Melanie Woods: Sure. It was best said by a gentleman that became, um, known to us through an outreach event. He came in and he was very thankful that we are embedded in the community. He thought that we were very personable because we are there, very relatable. And also he was able to get his behavioral health services, um, at the same time as his primary care services. 

Darrell Dawsey: Well, Dr. Melanie Woods of the Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic, thank you so much for joining us.

Melanie Woods: Thank you. My pleasure.

Announcer: This has been Warriors in the Community. For more Wayne State news, please visit us online at today. wayne. edu slash WWJ and join us here next Monday at the same time for more Warriors in the Community.


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