June 25, 2021

Wayne State University board unanimously approves 3.9% tuition increase

Wayne State University's Board of Governors today unanimously approved a tuition increase of 3.9% for both undergraduate and graduate students. The new tuition rate will result in a $15 increase per credit hour for lower division undergraduates. The university also increased its commitment to financial aid, bringing total institutional support to almost $100 million.

“We are unanimous in stating publicly that this is a decision not arrived at easily or without reservation,” said Board Chair Marilyn Kelly. “As the governing body of the university, we are keenly aware of the financial burdens many of our students face. We have committed the university to making its programs financially accessible to all, including those of limited means. We have not wavered from that commitment.

"We have provided financial programs to aid students. Last year – under the unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances arising from the Covid epidemic we voted unanimously not to increase tuition and provided aid totaling nearly $96 million. Although the pandemic strained the university’s financial resources, we could not in good conscience increase tuition during a time of such anxiety and uncertainty. However, we cannot hold tuition flat for two successive years without impairing our ability to serve our academic mission as Michigan’s public, urban research university.”

Wayne State will finalize its university budget in the fall. University officials remain hopeful that the legislature will increase appropriations to universities this year, but can’t be sure until the state budget is passed. Wayne State University is the only Michigan public university that has not had its budget restored to FY2011 levels after significant cuts were made to public higher education that year.

“No matter what the financial circumstances are, our priority remains the same,” said Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson. “As stewards of the university, we will provide a high-quality education to as many students as possible, while continuing to feed the talent pipeline to ensure Michigan’s workforce and economy are strong in the years ahead.”  


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