December 8, 2020

Dialogues scheduled on leading, challenges in remote environment

As the holidays approach amidst the pandemic, the HR Learning Council is offering Wayne State leaders a couple of opportunities to support and learn from one another. Two dialogue circles have been scheduled, with the goals of building and nurturing human connections in this remote environment, creating a safe space for sharing struggles and challenges, and gaining inspiration from one another about unique ways to manage them.

The sessions will be held:

The dialogues will be led by experienced facilitators from the HR Learning Council, along with volunteers who have previously guided conversations on social justice on campus. All discussions will be kept within the group, but themes will help guide the ongoing delivery of proactive learning resources in the upcoming year.


“It’s important for leaders to be heard in a safe space with colleagues who are in the same boat,” said Charisse Ormanian, associate director of Counseling and Psychological Services, who led the design of the process. “We're all trying new things to navigate this unprecedented time and simply want to offer a moment of acknowledgement for each individual’s challenges, honor each other’s unique experiences, and begin to think about new ways to learn and grow with each other by hearing what’s working for others.”

A similar offering will be made available to staff in 2021. Contact Dawn Aziz, director of organizational and employee development, with any questions.

HR Learning Council members include Aziz, Marquita Chamblee, Julie Crego, Ashley Flintoff, Elizabeth Godwin, Tonya Jones, Loraleigh Keashly, Ormanian, Sharon Tse, Lauri Washington and Amy Weiss.