October 23, 2020

Wayne State University declares Oct. 30 Mental Health Day

2020 has been quite the decade year, not only for students, but for the entire Wayne State University community, as the pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of daily life.

Students are struggling to adapt to online classes, missing daily interaction with their friends, and figuring out how to separate their work, school and social lives.

On the other hand, many faculty and staff are battling Zoom fatigue and the stress of balancing work, childcare and the loss of social engagement with colleagues.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, a Student Success Town Hall with more than 250 participants was held to discuss these challenges with President M. Roy Wilson, Interim Provost Laurie M. Clabo and members of the Student Senate, among others. At the end of the meeting, President Wilson announced that the university was declaring Friday, Oct. 30, as Mental Health Day.

“I appreciate the diligence and resilience our students have shown this semester,” said Wilson. “I know it has not been easy and that we still have a long road ahead, but it's important that you take care of yourselves.”

The purpose of the day is to encourage students to focus on their health and emotional well-being. That could mean disconnecting from their computers for the day or taking advantage of the many campus resources available to help them cope and thrive. Visit the Mental Health Day website in the days leading up to the event for more information on the offerings.

Faculty are being encouraged to give students some leeway on assignments, and, if feasible, cancel classes for the day.

“We will get through this together, and I’m confident we will continue to meet these challenges with the drive and excellence we have always shown,” said Wilson in campus message to students. “We’ve long prided ourselves on being Warrior Strong; this year, we’ve seen just what that looks like.”

On Oct. 30, students can also pick up some free Mental Health Day swag — including a “Wayne State University Satellite Campus” yard sign and a WSU winter hat — at various locations.