September 16, 2020

Connecting the dots: Science Policy Network Detroit works to create a dialogue within the scientific community, policymakers and the public

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Science Policy Network Detroit (SciPol Detroit) is a new, collaborative group at Wayne State University that is committed to bridging the gap and building working relationships between scientists, policymakers and the lay public within Detroit. In promoting direct communication, the group plans to aid in the advancement and awareness of science policy within the city. The group is planning panel discussions, career development and communication workshops, and lobbying on both the local and national levels.

“It doesn’t matter if your major or research background is in biology, pre-med, political science, engineering, or law,” said Saurav Singh, a political science major and co-president of SciPol Detroit. “It’s important that everyone understands the issues facing our community from a scientific perspective, and that we work together to create positive change.”

In its first year, SciPol Detroit plans to focus on environmental exposures and health disparities in Detroit: broad topics that will prompt open discussions that center on health law, racism, water quality, violence exposure and prevention, cancer, diabetes, and more. Learn more about its current project and workshop opportunities at

For more information, please visit or follow SciPol Detroit on Instagram or Twitter.

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