September 15, 2020

Mask up, WSU

To help keep our community safe, all Warriors must wear face coverings when on campus. W has been spotted in a new custom mask, crafted by Brooke Apsey, a senior majoring in fashion design with the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts.

Working with W’s specific measurements, Apsey made and tested a pattern prior to finalizing W’s mask, which features a multidimensional, hand-sewn logo to accommodate the face covering’s necessary pleats. Apsey was approached to help with the special project after expressing an interest in getting more involved as she entered her final year in the fashion design program, which had previously provided hand-sewn masks to health care workers and first responders. 

“Masks are not just for protection, they help people express themselves,” Apsey said. “They’re a functional accessory and can help influence positivity in one’s self and others during the pandemic.”

Hear from your fellow Warriors: 

Alyssa Hirsch

Alyssa Hirsch

“Not only do masks keep you and your friends safe, but they also make an excellent jungle gym for your bird!”

Madeline Bartley

“I practice social distancing because I have a responsibility to my community to do my part in keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible!

Kamali Clora

Kamali Clora 

“I practice social distancing because it is my responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID-19 for the safety of myself, family and community.”

Rayshon Akins

“I wear a mask because I bear a responsibility to not only protect myself and my family, but my community as well.”

Nolan Shoukri



Nolan Shoukri

“I wear a mask because, for such a little inconvenience to me, it could prevent a life-threatening situation for someone else.”

Christina Rush

“Wearing a mask is like carrying a shield that protects and honors the life of everyone around me. I do it because we all matter.”

Jasmine Coles

Jasmine Coles

“I wear a mask because keeping my family and friends safe is my top priority."

The Office of Marketing and Communications is currently seeking students to participate in its Warrior Strong 2020 Campaign. They’re seeking photos and videos that show off your Warrior pride, study and work spaces, and the ways you’re connecting with fellow Warriors and your community while social distancing. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form by Sept. 25.

Learn more about WSU’s health and safety guidelines.

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