July 8, 2020

Students invited to work at Detroit polling locations

The City of Detroit is looking for workers for the Aug. 4 primary election. This opportunity is available to any registered voter who is interested in being civically engaged and financially compensated for their time and effort.

The primaries will determine which candidates will run in the general elections later this year, on Nov. 3.

As of now, the city needs several poll workers for each of its 500-plus election precincts. In addition, hundreds of poll workers are needed to process absentee ballots at TCF Center in downtown Detroit on Election Day. A three-hour training session prior to the election date is required. Election workers do not have to live in Detroit to qualify for the position, but they must be a U.S. citizen and registered to vote. 

Typically, Detroit has 503 voting precincts and 120 absentee counting boards. During an election, each of these precincts and boards requires a staff of paid precinct inspectors to assist voters as they arrive at the polls on Election Day. Due to COVID-19, this number may change.

By working at a polling location, students will have the unique chance to serve the Detroit community while also learning more about the Election Day process.

Wayne State is proud of their high student voter participation rates and hopes to see these impressive numbers continue in the upcoming elections. Wayne State is one of 61 institutions in the nation — and one of only two in Michigan — to have earned a platinum seal recognition for having a student voter engagement rate above 50%.

Students who are not interested in working on Election Day, should still strongly consider voting in the primaries.

Wayne State’s administration, faculty and staff are committed to working together to increase engagement and prepare our civic-minded students to solve local and global challenges. Within this last year, Wayne State established an on-campus voting location in the Damon J. Keith Center. This polling location is Detroit’s Precinct 149 and is designed to make Election Day participation more accessible to students who live around campus.

Students can find more detailed job descriptions here and apply online directly. Additional information about becoming an election worker can be found online. Students should notate their Wayne State affiliation on the application. 

Please contact Brandon Shamoun, coordinator of student engagement, in the Dean of Students Office (DOSO) for questions or more information.

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