July 8, 2020

FP&M playbook covers campus cleaning, indoor air quality, FAQs and more

Areas highlighted in each expandable section of Wayne State’s Facilities, Planning and Management's playbook include details and step-by-step procedures that are required and developed for the safety of the campus community.

Wayne State’s Facilities, Planning and Management (FP&M) team has launched a playbook and FAQ designed to provide information for employees and students as some will begin the process of returning to their offices, labs and classrooms.

The playbook addresses all facilities-related components, including construction, custodial, facilities HR, indoor air quality, parking/transportation, space management, sustainability and water management. The content is based on industry standards and governmental regulatory requirements, including the new COVID-19 OSHA standard, ASHRAE standards, CDC standards and the governor's recent executive orders, including safeguards to protect Michigan workers.

The comprehensive guide is the product of FP&M’s and the administrative subcommittee's efforts during the last few months to address campus operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Included in the playbook are measures required to adapt to the “new normal” while ensuring optimal safety measures and uninterrupted delivery of academic and administrative services.  

Areas highlighted in each expandable section of the playbook include details and step-by-step procedures that are required and developed for the safety of the campus community. Also designed to complement each topic, frequently asked questions are included in the FAQ document focusing on common queries that have been posed by campus community members, or are anticipated as the procedures roll out.

  • Here is a small sampling of aggregated questions from various topics:
  • Will custodial be supplying the cleaning products necessary to address school, college and department spaces?
  • Who must wear face coverings? Will Wayne State University provide me with a face covering?
  • How often are vents cleaned? Will they be cleaned before staff returns to campus? How often will they be cleaned after that? How do areas without windows get fresh air?
  • How will use of campus shuttles and other means of campus transit be facilitated under social distancing conditions?
  • How will you determine capacities for classrooms? How many people are allowed in a classroom?
  • Where can I find floor plans for my space?
  • How will social distancing be addressed with elevator use?

“The playbook has developed into a comprehensive resource that may be utilized in preparing and ultimately managing all types of space across campus,” said Rob Davenport, facilities subcommittee chair and associate vice president for facilities, planning and management. “The associated FAQ is equally comprehensive. It serves as an excellent quick reference for all occupants concerning expectations of every-day facilities matters.”

To review the Facilities Campus Restart Playbook, including a downloadable print version, and the comprehensive FAQs, visit facilities.wayne.edu/covid19/playbook. Campus employees and students may direct all questions, concerns or suggestions to fpm@wayne.edu.