December 17, 2019

Thought Leader: Detroit, past and present; urban planning and economic development

Jeffrey Horner

A senior lecturer of urban studies and planning, Jeffrey Horner is also a frequent contributor to local and national media. An expert in all things Detroit, Horner served on the Advisory Council to the Detroit Revitalization Fellows, and is a contributing author to the Detroit Historical Society. In addition, he has developed and instructed specialized courses on the city exploring its past, present and future.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Urban studies and planning
  • Race and politics
  • The history of metro Detroit
  • Cities and regions

Horner is editor of the anthology The Straight Detroit: America’s Premier Legacy City (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2018). His writing has also been in CityLab, Newsweek and MacLean’s, and Economic Development Quarterly. Other works of his were published in the Journal of Law In Society, the Journal of the American Planning Association and the Journal of Housing Research.

Selected media:

View his complete faculty profile here.

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