December 18, 2018

Thought Leader: Voting behavior, political parties and elections

Jeffrey Grynaviski

An associate professor of political science, Jeffrey Grynaviski focuses on political parties, legislative accountability, national party systems, elections, political machines, political theory and American government. Grynaviski has been interviewed numerous times about voting behavior, political parties and elections, and the American presidency. He was recently sought after as an expert throughout the 2018 midterm election campaign season.

“In general, primary elections are more like a beauty contest because you’re choosing among people whose issue positions are similar.”

— Jeffrey Grynaviski, The Detroit News, July 2018

Jeffrey Grynaviski’s interests include:

  • American government
  • Politics of the American presidency
  • American national institutions
  • Political parties and elections    

Selected media clips:

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