March 20, 2017

Wayne State University experts available to comment on current political news

Experts from Wayne State University’s faculty are prepared to discuss current topics ranging from the Judge Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation hearings to the alleged Russian presidential election interference, as well as the topic of politicians and sitting presidents using social media as a political tool.

To reach an expert, contact:

Tom Reynolds, 313-577-8093,

Ted Montgomery, 313-577-5699,

Judge Neil M. Gorsuch confirmation hearings

The Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Neil M. Gorsuch are now underway. Robert Sedler, Wayne State University distinguished professor of law and constitutional law expert, is ready to comment about the hearing process and the likelihood of Gorsuch’s confirmation. Sedler has noted that some Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will question Gorsuch about his commitment to binding precedent (such as Roe v. Wade) and his alleged bias toward business and wealth interests.

Russian presidential election interference

FBI Director James B. Comey recently confirmed an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Also included in the investigation were allegations that associates of the president may have been in contact with Russian officials. Aaron B. Retish, professor of history and co-editor of Revolutionary Russia, is prepared to address this topic as well as other trending news about Russia.

Social media as a political tool

The use of social media streams by politicians and sitting presidents has sparked both praise and outrage. Accusations have been launched via Twitter and politicians and celebrities have hurled insults at one another. President Trump also has announced new policy decisions for the first time through social media. Lee Wilkins, professor and chair of the Department of Communication, can discuss the influence of social media, particularly as it applies to mainstream media. Wilkins has written books on how journalists and public relations professionals make moral decisions and the role of media ethics. 


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