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Defining diversity at Wayne State

Jewish News publisher Arthur M. Horowitz questions Wayne State's decision to uphold the Wayne State University Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award, in light of her recent remarks that were denounced as anti-Semitic. Horowitz does mention that the school has been at the forefront of promoting diversity and inclusion on and around its campus and the region. He cites as an example a recent Chaldean-Jewish young entrepreneurs\' forum at Wayne State\'s TechTown. (Subscription Access)

Lawyer is ensnared in Washtenaw drug case

Wayne State law professor Peter Henning commented about a case involving a Brighton lawyer, Ron Plunkett, being charged with aiding and abetting the delivery of heroin which resulted in a death. Plunkett's trial, delayed by an appeal that marked the first significant challenge to the new law which allows for charging him with the same offenses as the seller, is now scheduled for November. Henning says the Michigan Supreme Court ruling that upheld the law was so broad that anyone who buys drugs could be charged with the same offenses as the seller.

Brazeal Dennard: Chorale founder preserved spirituals

Brazeal Dennard, a Wayne State graduate and former part-time faculty member, died Monday at the age of 81. Mr. Dennard was a longtime music teacher with the Detroit Public Schools who became the district\'s music supervisor. But he was perhaps best known for the Brazeal Dennard Chorale, a group of vocalists who performed African-American spirituals as well as contemporary music written by African-American composers. It is the oldest organized chorale group in Detroit.

$2.6 million US-backed study at Wayne State targets trauma among Iraqi war refugees

Wayne State University medical school researcher Dr. Bengt Arnetz heads a five-year study, funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health. The $2.6 million study of post-traumatic stress among Iraqi war refugees in the Detroit area will track Iraqi refugees who have been exposed to war in their native land. It will look for the effects of employment, language classes and mental and social services in reducing stress and trauma. Arnetz says it\'s the first such look at a random sample of immigrants starting from when they arrive in their new country.,0,3658816,print.story,0,3279689.story

Professor Mogk on "Am I Right or Am I Right" show

Wayne State law professor John Mogk was a guest on "Am I Right or Am I Right" featuring a discussion on an August property tax renewal ballot measure. Mogk said that probably there is no more important issue that will come before the voters this fall than the smart transportation system millage proposal included in the ballot measure. "We can\'t look forward to keeping businesses and being a world-class region economically unless we have a transit system," Mogk said.
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Supply chain strategy could bring 66,000 new jobs to region, report says

Metro Detroit, in combination with the adjacent areas of Ontario and Ohio, could see up to 66,000 new jobs and $10 billion in new annual economic development if the region develops a coordinated cross-border supply chain management strategy. That\'s according to an executive summary of a new report made public from the Detroit Regional Chamber and Michigan State University. Teams from Wayne State University, the chamber, MSU and industry spent six months collaborating on the new report to identify how best Southeast Michigan, Southwest Ontario and Northeast Ohio can bolster the cross-border and national supply chain in the region.