December 23, 2021

Dr. Berry advises of vaccination importance for pregnant women on MSNBC

Stanley Berry, M.D., the chair and Frank P. Iacobell Professor of the Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was interviewed about the importance of pregnant women receiving vaccinations against COVID-19 on MSNBC.

Stanley Berry, M.D.

MSNBC host Alex Witt interviewed Dr. Berry about the omicron variant and the importance of vaccines on her Dec. 19 program.

“I can’t emphasize enough, get vaccinated, especially if you are pregnant,” Dr. Berry said.

He noted that unvaccinated women who become infected with COVID-19 are more likely to be admitted to the intensive care unit, to be placed on mechanical ventilation and to die from the infection.

The mRNA vaccine is safe for administration in pregnant women and does not increase the risk of spontaneous abortion or infertility, said Dr. Berry, who called false information about miscarriages “lies and myths” on the internet.

Three complications of pregnancy that become more common with COVID-19 infection include preterm birth, preeclampsia and fetal death.

View the entire interview here.

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