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Wayne State introduces Spring/Summer Tuition Break program

Wayne State introduces Spring/Summer Tuition Break program

Wayne State University has announced a tuition discount program that cuts undergraduate tuition by 30 percent for the 2015 spring and summer semester courses. University officials developed the program to deliver direct tuition savings to students while encouraging faster degree completion. More

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WSU C&IT in Michigan's First Cyber Incident Response Exercise
Wayne State's Kevin Hayes met last week with the other members of the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps (MiC3) for a first-of-its-kind cyber...Jul 31 2014
Jazz ensembles announce auditions...
JAZZ ENSEMBLE AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT    The jazz ensembles of the Department of Music will hold auditions for Fall...Jul 31 2014
Wayne State to offer 30 percent discount on summer classes for some students
Wayne State University students looking to squeeze an extra class or two into their summer schedule next year can get a nice price break,...Jul 31 2014
African American Learners, journal of the Institute for the Study of the African American Child (ISAAC) announces a Call for Papers in delineating a Ten Point Program for Reparations for African Americans in the United States
Dear Supporters of African American Children: African American Learners , journal of ISAAC is issuing a Call for Papers for the Spring...Jul 31 2014
Conference on Research Directions (CORD) Conference Proceedings Available on the web site
The Proceedings from the Bi-Annual Conference on Research Directions (CORD) are available for review and download on the ISAAC web site. ...Jul 31 2014
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