September 15, 2023

Limited parking available in Parking Lot No. 75 weekend of Sept. 22-24

Wayne State University’s Parking Lot No. 75 located on Canfield Street will have limited parking spots available Friday, Sept. 22, through Sunday, Sept. 24, to help accommodate the needs of the 2023 Detroit Concours D’Elegance event.

Spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once full, regular users of the lot will have access to park in Structure No. 4, located just east of Lot No. 75.

Per the WSU Office of Parking and Transportation Services, OneCards and RFID hanging tags will be programmed for use in Structure No. 4 on those days.

Should any access problems arise, please use the intercom outside of that structure to connect with the Parking Command Center team.

Please call 313-577-1979 with any questions.

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