June 27, 2022

Department of Pharmacology hosts 48th annual colloquium

The Wayne State University School of Medicine hosted the 48th annual Michigan Pharmacology Colloquium on June 24.

The day-long scientific meeting involves Department of Pharmacology faculty, post-doctoral students and graduate students from WSU, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and the University of Toledo. The colloquium rotates annually among the four participating universities.

The colloquium puts a spotlight on graduate students, who present their research in poster format or in 15-minute oral presentations. The venue is often the students' first true scientific presentation.

“This year’s colloquium boasted the largest number of participants from MSU, UMich, Toledo and our school,” said Sokol Todi, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology and of Neurology, and interim chair of the Department Pharmacology. “It was an unqualified success that showcased the top-tier science being conducted by our own family members and by our colleagues around us. The presentations and posters were engaging and innovative, and students were brimming with excitement. The numerous applauses and light-hearted exchanges underscored how much we have missed getting together in person to discuss science and to also converse about other things..”

Keynote speaker Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Ph.D., dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Wayne State University, presented “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me: A Journey Through the Academy,” on equality, equity and justice.

Poster presentations took place in the Scott Hall cafeteria, and an awards presentation capped the day’s events.

Winners included:

Podium presentation
First place: Rachel Golonka (University of Toledo), “Inducing Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Exacerbates Liver Cancer in FXR Deficient Mice.”

Second place: Francisco Sanchez-Conde (University of Michigan), “Probing Mechanisms of Long QT Syndrome-Associated Epilepsy with Gene-Edited Stem Cell-Derived Neurons.”

Third place: Ian Chronis (University of Michigan), “Identifying Novel Regulators of β2 Adrenergic Receptor Sorting and Signaling at the Endosome.”

Poster presentation
First place: Laura Chambers (Michigan State University), “Female Mice Are Resistant to Impaired Parenchymal Arteriole TRPV4 Activation and Inward Remodeling During Hypertension.”

Second place (tie): Shreeya Bakshi (University of Michigan), “Investigation of a Pathogenic Splice Site Variant in SCN1B Linked to Dravet Syndrome.”

Second place (tie): Kelsey Kochan (University of Michigan), “Positive Allosteric Modulation of the Mu Opioid Receptor: Studies in vivo.”


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