April 1, 2022

Wayne Pediatrics launches new digital show on children's well-being

Wayne Pediatrics is launching a new digital show, “Detroit Peds Talk.”

The show will be hosted by Wayne Pediatrics’ lead psychologist Jameel Smith, Ph.D., who will guide conversations impacting the physical and mental health of children and teens.

The first show will post to Facebook and Instagram on April 6.

“Detroit Peds Talk” aims to build a committed audience of parents, guardians and young people interested in straight talk on a variety of topics impacting children’s physical and mental health. During each show, Dr. Smith will incorporate a mental health aspect into topics as she engages with pediatric experts and special guests.

Each show is scheduled to last 15 minutes or less. The audience will gain information about a topic, including why it’s important, what they can do and how to get more information. Asthma, behavioral health, literacy, obesity and immunizations are among the subjects to be addressed.

New shows will be posted to social media on the first Wednesdays of each month.

For more information about Wayne Pediatrics or upcoming Detroit Peds Talk show topics and guests, visit http://www.waynepediatrics.org/

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