September 23, 2021

Dr. Vinod Shidham edits new book by Wayne State pathologists on cell-block making

Vinod Shidham, M.D., is a professor of Pathology at the WSU School of Medicine.

The first book in a series of publications written by a team of clinicians affiliated with the Wayne State University School of Medicine is now available.

“CellBlockistry 101 – A Textbook on Cell-Blocking Series,” addresses the cell-block making process and cell-blocking related challenges with advances in improved interdisciplinary coordination for optimal outcome and ongoing research in the field. The book is intended for pathologists, cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, cytoprep technologists and others in fields associated with cell blocks, including histotechnologists and radiologists.

It is the first in the CytoJournal Monograph/Atlas Series, or CMAS. The book was edited by Vinod Shidham, M.D., vice chair of Anatomic Pathology, professor and director of Cytopathology in the Department of Pathology.

Dr. Shidham is also co-editor and executive editor of the CytoJournal.

Contributors include WSU Assistant Professor of Hematology-Oncology Jay Yang, M.D.; WSU Associate Professor of Pathology Ali Gabali, M.D.; Cytopathology fellow Ahmed Alrajjal, M.D.; and Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist Moumita Choudhury, M.D.

Watch the book release ceremony at

The book is available on multiple platforms, including on Amazon in paperback for $17.99. A hardbound version for $50 is available at, or free as an e-book for members of the Cytopathology Foundation.

Up next in the CMAS series is the second edition of Dr. Shidham’s book, “Serous Fluid Cytopathology,” expected in the winter.

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