September 16, 2021

Undergraduate Medical Education team launches Difference Makers recognition program for students, faculty and staff

Difference Makers include student Eyouab Tadesse, faculty member Associate Professor of Pathology Barbara Bosch, Ph.D., and staff member Kathleen Connors.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Office of Undergraduate Medical Education has instituted a recognition program for students, faculty and staff who go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the learning experience for Warrior M.D. students. The nominees are chosen by students following each 11- and 12-week course block.

“Difference Makers not only are successful themselves, they are committed to making other people successful,” said Senthil Kumar Rajasekaran, M.D., senior associate dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Curricular Affairs. “Difference Makers take ownership. They don’t wait for someone else to get it done. They create and amplify positive energy around them. They are proud of where they belong and take pride in promoting their institutional brand.”

For April through June of this year, the top nominees were student Eyouab Tadesse, faculty member Associate Professor of Pathology Barbara Bosch, Ph.D., and staff member Kathleen Connors.

Medical student Eyouab Tadesse, Class of 2024, was nominated by his peers for the student category because of his dedication to the class and for going above and beyond by curating resources that correspond to each week’s content.

“I benefitted from him not only this past block, but from day one of medical school, and feel his sincere dedication to his classmates should not go unnoticed,” a fellow student wrote in nominating Tadesse.

“When I first came here to Wayne, I knew the journey in front of me would be an incredibly arduous one, and that I could not handle this endeavor alone,” Tadesse said. “I needed a support system, and I came to find that my class would be the very force that would propel me through my medical education. The work that I have done in the form of helping to organize resources and hosting study sessions was so that every medical student in our class could have the opportunity to feel the same way that I do, and to know that they are never alone in their studies.”

Connors, the Class of 2024’s counselor, was nominated by the class for her commitment to supporting students’ well-being.

“I am so honored to be nominated,” she said. “I truly love working with medical students who are so inspiring. It is good to know that, despite being able to meet only by Zoom until recently, students know that we care about them and are here to support, advocate and help them flourish through their very rigorous training.”

Dr. Bosch, also the Human Disease Foundations I course director, was nominated by students for her content expertise and commitment to students.

“Dr. Bosch has been such an inspiring professor and a breath of fresh air when it comes to her lecture style, notes and ability to write and explain practice questions. She is the kindest person, and I feel like she truly loves teaching,” said one nominating student.

Additional nominees included medical students Samuel Cain, Lewis Graham, Sarah Henry and Thomas Russo; faculty members Nakia Allen, M.D.; Christopher Cooke, M.D.; Jennifer Mendez, Ph.D.; Eva Waineo, M.D.; and Ralph Williams, M.D.; and staff members Tia Finney, Kailey Poort, Leah Robinson, Erika Roberts and Tapinder Singh.

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