July 9, 2019

Students, residents and faculty shine at national Society of General Internal Medicine meeting

The Wayne State University School of Medicine’s medical students, residents and faculty represented the school well at the Society of General Internal Medicine annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Working collaboratively, third-year medical student Irvin Lien presented two posters, “Preparing Future Physicians to Care for Patients with Opioid Use Disorders” and “MAT Waiver Training During Medical School,” co-authored by Irene Chen, Jody Chou, Rafael Ramos, Aaron Szpytman, Eva Waineo, M.D., Victoria Webber and Diane Levine, M.D. 

Medical student Irvin Lien presented two posters at the Society of General Internal Medicine Meeting.

The latter was selected for “Walk & Talk” – an expert-led tour of high-impact posters – at the meeting, held May 8-11 at the Washington Hilton.

Additional student posters included:

“Learning to Use the Right Tools: Substance Use Disorder Management Education in Undergraduate Medical Programs” (First author: Irene Chen, coauthors: Irvin Chen, Eva Waineo, M.D., Diane Levine, M.D.).

Fourth-year medical student Nate Wood presented a poster, “The Confident Counselor: The Impact of a Culinary Nutrition Curriculum on Medical Students’ Readiness to Discuss Healthy Lifestyle Interventions With Their Patients.”

Nate Wood and Dr. Levine
From left are Nate Wood, M.D., who graduated from the School of Medicine on June 4, 2019, with Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Diane Levine, M.D.

Wood also presented at a standing-room-only workshop “Nutrition MythBusters:  Counseling Patients in Nutrition and Decoding Common Myths,” a collaboration with Jude Fleming, M.D., of Columbia University Medical Center in New York (lead presenter), and Richmond Doxey, M.D. and Lisa Inouye M.D, M.P.H., both of the University of Washington in Boise, Idaho.

Resident and faculty presentations:

Former School of Medicine faculty member Allie Dakroub, M.D., presented a poster, “Gaming for the Win in Resident Education: Gaming to Enhance Resident Learning.” He collaborated with Diane Levine, M.D., for the poster, based on Dr. Dakroub’s work as a WSU faculty member in 2018. He is completing a fellowship in Medicine/Pediatrics and graduate degree in Medical Education at the University of Pittsburgh.

Ahmed Yeddi, M.D., was among the residents to attend and present at the Society of General Internal Medicine meeting in Washington, D.C.

Under the direction of Assistant Professor in the Division of General Medicine Ijeoma Nnodim, M.D., Ahmed Yeddi, M.D., resident in Internal Medicine at the Detroit Medical Center, presented the poster, “Hyperglycemia, Obesity and Stigma: Physician Weight-Based Bias Preventing Early Recognition of Rare Medication Side Effect.” Coauthors included residents Pranav Shah, M.D., and Omnia Award, M.D., and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Diane Levine, M.D.

Dr. Levine presented the poster, “Teaching Hand Offs to Junior Medical Students: Impact of an Educational Intervention,” co-authored by Omar Saaed M.D., research assistant in the Department of Internal Medicine.