April 30, 2018

Dermatologist to the stars: WSU resident graduate Dr. Sid Danesh on his successful practice in Beverly Hills

With clients like Sofia Vergara, Rick Yune and David Boreanaz, dermatologists Dr. Sid Danesh and his wife Dr. Gina Danesh are held to the highest of standards. A two-time resident alumnus of the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Sid Danesh credits his time at Wayne State as one of the reasons for his career success.

"Wayne offers a rich program for learning," Dr. Danesh said. "It made me a good physician."

To call him a good physician is an understatement, given that the Dr. Danesh's practice in Beverly Hills, Calif., Danesh Dermatology, serves a wide variety of high-profile patients who make appearances on the big screen. And working with such individuals, he said, keeps him sharp.

"The expectations are extremely high," he said. "But serving such patients has given me the opportunity to learn about their views in life. I have learned that these are humble people, and they are very grateful for the services we can provide. It's a truly rewarding experience."

Before practicing in California, Dr. Danesh spent several years learning from patients and mentors in Detroit. He started his career as a Wayne State resident in Internal Medicine.

"As a resident at Wayne State, you see the pathology of such a diverse group of patients and there is much that you can learn from them," Dr. Danesh said.

It was during rounds one day while he was a first-year Internal Medicine resident that Dr. Danesh encountered a rare disease, and the diagnosis of it sparked his passion for dermatology.

"One day when we were doing rounds, we came across this sick patient, and no one knew what was wrong with him, but I noticed the patient had a skin problem. I knew of Dr. Ken Hashimoto who was the chair of Dermatology and a legend in the field, and so I asked him to come and see if he could help diagnose the patient," Dr. Danesh said. "It was amazing. Dr. Hashimoto came in, looked at the patient's skin condition and immediately told us what was wrong."

Dr. Hashimoto's diagnosis and prescribed treatment healed the patient, and the interaction inspired Dr. Danesh to request a rotation with Dr. Hashimoto in Dermatology.

"Dr. Hashimoto was so nice, and after I finished my residency in Internal Medicine, he offered me a residency position in Dermatology," Dr. Danesh said. "I learned so much from him. I remember once during my second year of residency, Dr. Hashimoto assigned me to a high-profile patient—a local political figure at the time. I was honored that Dr. Hashimoto had such confidence in my abilities as a dermatologist. After I met with the patient and treated him, it was a rewarding experience all around, and the patient was so grateful to me."

Patient gratitude, Dr. Danesh said, has fueled his passion for dermatology ever since. He enjoys watching the emotional response patients have to dermatologic treatments, and is often humbled by their appreciation.

"In dermatology, people see the results. There's an emotional reward when someone comes in for a procedure and leaves feeling more confident and happy. It's a life-changing experience," he said. "Dermatology is a visual science, and I think that's my favorite part."

Such an enthusiasm for his work motivated, and continues to motivate, Dr. Danesh to teach. For several years after his residency, he worked in the Department of Dermatology as an assistant professor. Today, he continues to train new generations of dermatologists at his practice in California.

"There's a sense of satisfaction in teaching because you know that you are helping thousands of patients. What I teach a resident may one day save a patient's life. It's a very rewarding experience," he said.

A skilled teacher and dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Danesh remains grateful to his Wayne State training, crediting the School of Medicine with catalyzing his career.

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