April 10, 2017

Delhi University names Bhanu Jena lifetime honorary professor

Bhanu Jena, Ph.D., D.Sc., the Wayne State University School of Medicine distinguished professor of Physiology known for his pioneering discovery of a cellular structure called the porosome, was awarded a lifetime honorary professorship by Delhi University in recognition of his contribution to science.

Dr. Jena, director of the School of Medicine's Nano Bio Science Institute, is helping Delhi University establish a Nanomedicine Institute. Delhi University, located in New Delhi, is the largest university in India, with 77 affiliated colleges spread throughout its north and south campuses. The university also includes 27 centers and institutes.

The award includes all travel and associated costs for up to one month each year to participate in any academic programs of Dr. Jena's choice. He expects to visit no more than two weeks per year.