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Freep list of key Warrior football players includes business students
Detroit Free Press special writer Brandon Folsom examined the Michigan teams in the conference’s North Division. Wayne State University’s 2015 record was 6-5, 5-5. Key players included junior LB Valorian Cunningham, a Mike Ilitch School of...Aug 26 2016
Wayne State getting greener
Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Jack Malloy
At age 62, Jack Malloy is not your traditional college student. As a VP at Henry Ford Health System, he finds that his coursework and job connect with each other.Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Jessica Couch
Jessica Couch is making many strides in the Mike Ilitch School of Business, including being recognized as Crain's 2016 Student Scholarship Awardee.Aug 26 2016
TechTown and other programs support small businesses in Detroit
Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Will Samuel
Running a business while earning your M.B.A is not easy, but business student Will Samuel takes it all in stride.Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Salma Alazmeh
Earning a degree is much more difficult for students whose basic needs like housing and food are not fulfilled, and that is why M.B.A. student Salma Alazmeh is helping Wayne State’s HIGH Program take flight.  Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Michael Serwer
After addressing productivity concerns in Guatemala, Michael Serwer is eager to begin his M.B.A.Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Tao Tao
Originally a transfer student, Tao is enjoying the opportunities available through the business school.Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Amanda Elias
WSU marketing student Amanda Elias is making strides in the City of Detroit Mayor's Office.Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Fernando Parraz
Thanks to an award-winning documentary film, Fernando Parraz's journey to WSU has been able to inspire far beyond his Detroit neighborhood.Aug 26 2016
Student spotlight: Patrick Bresnahan
Patrick Bresnahan has made many strides since coming to WSU, including being recognized as the Crain's 2014 Newsmaker Student Scholarship awardee.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Nan Bushnell
Nan Bushnell will be donating a scholarship to the Mike Ilitch School of Business in honor of her husband Bob Bushnell.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Mike & Marian Ilitch
Mike and Marian Ilitch have gifted $40 million to Wayne State University in their efforts to revitalize Detroit, which also include a new Red Wings arena.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Britton Steele
Steele provides opportunities to the next generation of students by establishing a $500,000 planned gift to support scholarships in the Mike Ilitch School of Business.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Fred Sievert
Since retiring as president of New York Life, Fred Sievert has answered a new calling and Wayne State students are among the many who benefit.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Gary and Kathy Armstrong
A call to action: Gary ('66 B.S., '68 M.B.A.) and Kathy Armstrong ('68 B.S.) commit $100k to spark others to give back.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Julie Felker
Julie Felker (M.B.A. '82) served as a member of the business school's alumni board and Women of Wayne and has been extremely generous with her time, talent, and financial contributions.Aug 26 2016
Donor spotlight: Toni Tront
Through her Marie A. Tront Endowed Scholarship, Toni Tront (B.A. '78) wants generations of students maximize the intellectual stimulation provided at the business school.Aug 26 2016
Faculty spotlight: Christine Jackson
For Professor Christine Jackson, understanding the business school’s student population is an important part of being an effective instructor.Aug 26 2016
Faculty spotlight: Michael Schostak
Michael Schostak aims to teach students the practical applications of core financial concepts, especially through the use of modeling techniques in Microsoft Excel.Aug 26 2016
Faculty spotlight: Tingting Yan
Professor Yan is making strides in the GSC field both within and outside the business school. She was nominated for a '15 prestigious award from the Academy of Management.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Mike Silvio
In addition to an illustrious supply chain management career, Mike Silvio has taken his determination globally by running a marathon on every continent.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Krystina Borrocci
UHY Marketing Director Krystina Borocci, who is the 2016 recipient of the Emerging Leader Award, shares her approach to marketing.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Jonny Imerman
Jonny Imerman ’03 M.B.A. was diagnosed with cancer at age 26. He launched Imerman Angels, a nonprofit one-on-one cancer support group in 2003.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Cornell Batie
Detroit Jazz Fest executive vice president Cornell Batie (M.B.A. 2002) discusses how passion and success go hand and hand.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Jason Brown
Jason Brown's college career may have gotten off to a rough start, but by the time it was finished he had earned a degree in finance and six figures in the stock market.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: April Clarke
New SBA alumni board member April Clarke (M.B.A. '13) is eager contribute knowledge of marketing and consumer research.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Nicholas Seeley
Nicholas Seeley (B.S. '13) got ahead in the supply chain field by going global. The alum spent seven months interning in Poland.Aug 26 2016
Alumni spotlight: Vivek Sreedhar
After 10 years in the U.S., Indian immigrant Vivek Sreedhar (M.B.A. '09) shares his journey of integration into American culture and society in his debut book.Aug 26 2016