February 11, 2020

Celebrate undergraduate research and creative work at Warrior Scholars conference

Undergraduate students from all majors and programs are invited to present research or creative projects at this year’s Warrior Scholars conference. The conference is set for Friday, April 3, and the deadline to apply is Friday, Feb. 21. Apply online.

Warrior Scholars is an interdisciplinary celebration of student work. Oral presentations, papers, posters, creative projects, art installations and performances around any topic or theme are welcome. Warrior Scholars is funded by the Student Success Operational Excellence team and The Edmund and Norman Rushton Endowment. The annual conference is among the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)’s premier events.

“Students who participate in undergraduate research gain valuable skills that further their success in class or at work, and can build an impressive resume in the process,” said Matt Orr, UROP program coordinator. “Students and faculty often cite undergraduate research experiences as some of the most meaningful parts of their academic careers, and this conference allows the Wayne State community to celebrate those connections and accomplishments.”

Participating in undergraduate research and creative projects helps students:

  • Move past learning from textbooks to go “backstage” to see where and how knowledge is produced
  • Learn more about a major/minor or explore a field
  • Connect with other students, faculty and researchers who have shared academic and career interests
  • Apply classroom lessons in a real-world environment

Faculty are encouraged to get involved and consider serving as mentors to undergraduate students interested in research. UROP offers a central site — UROPConnect (works best with Chrome) — to connect students and faculty with similar research interests.

Competitive funding is also available through UROP, which is currently accepting applications for spring/summer and fall 2020 Undergraduate Research and Creative Project Awards. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 6; funding announcements will be made by Thursday, May 7. Apply now.

A complete list of the 60 students (and their project titles and respective faculty mentors) who received funding during the fall 2019-winter 2020 cycle is available online.

For additional information, visit urop.wayne.edu or contact urop@wayne.edu