January 27, 2020

Top five reasons to register for spring/summer classes

From longer days and shorter terms to Wayne State's Spring/Summer Tuition Break, there are plenty of reasons to spend your summer on campus. The class schedule is available now and registration is now open.

Taking a spring/summer class makes serious financial sense. WSU’s Spring/Summer Tuition Break offers eligible students a 30% discount toward spring/summer courses. Spring/summer courses also differ in length from typical semester classes and run at an accelerated pace. Rather than the traditional 16-week spans during the fall and winter, semesters are seven to 12 weeks long. Shorter semesters also mean more flexibility for your schedule — you’ll still have plenty of time for other commitments, whether they’re work or play.

  1. Focused and intimate

Enrolling in a spring/summer class will help you stay sharp — no need to clear out the cobwebs and adjust back into the routine of studying once fall semester starts. Instead, spring/summer classes continue the momentum you gained during the winter and help you stay on track with your studies by keeping your brain scholastically active.

Class sizes tend to be smaller in the summer, too, which offers more opportunities for you to get to know your professors and classmates. Campus is generally quieter during the warmer months, which means the Student Center Building, the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center, and the parking structures will be less crowded, giving you ultimate access to Wayne State amenities. Plus, there’s no line at Starbucks.

  1. Go abroad or get ahead

Spring/summer is an excellent chance to partake in Wayne State’s Study Abroad programs. Ranging from two weeks to an entire semester, students can earn credits toward their degree while exploring another country. Some scholarships are available for qualified students, and this unique experience will be a life-changing adventure for you.

If leaving the country doesn’t seem like the right move for you, consider staying domestic and applying for an internship within your respective field to further your professional experience. Whether you choose to stay local or travel, internships can increase your personal network and provide you with insight on a future career.

  1. Challenge accepted

The spring/summer semester is the ideal time to take only a few classes, which will be enough to maintain intellectual stimulation while still providing a well-deserved break after the hard work of the normal school months. Spring/summer is the perfect time to take one of your more challenging courses while your credit hours are down. With longer days and shorter semesters, you’ll be able to focus on buckling down and checking that course off your required list.

  1. Detroit — Your rock city

Detroit shines during the summer, so why not spend your time in the city? Study outside so you can bask in the sun or find a coffee shop with outdoor seating. After class, there’s no shortage of fun to be found, whether it be in Midtown, Downtown or Corktown. Take the QLine to the riverfront, cheer for the Tigers at Comerica Park or checkout on the unending list of new (and old) restaurants during your study breaks. There’s something for everyone in the city.