October 10, 2019

Warrior Life and Wellness initiative, student rewards focus on well-being outside of the classroom

In keeping with Wayne State’s ongoing commitment to student success, the university has launched Warrior Life and Wellness, a collaborative effort of programs, events and resources focused on building a healthy community for all.

“Wayne State’s goal for all students is success, and we work hard to address all of the needs required for them to achieve it,” said Dean of Students David Strauss. “We know that a student’s well-being in the classroom is closely connected to their well-being outside of the classroom, and the campus community has come together to build the Warrior Life and Wellness program to provide collaborative, comprehensive support.”

To accompany the launch of Warrior Life and Wellness, students are invited to participate in the Warrior Life Rewards program, where they can earn WSU swag throughout the semester for completing events that center on emotional, physical and financial wellness. Learn more — and sign up to get started — by visiting warriorlife.wayne.edu/rewards.

“When someone feels their best — physically, mentally, emotionally — they’re going to be their best,” said Rainesha Williams-Fox, coordinator of student life wellness. “Warrior Life and Wellness is going to help participants become the best possible versions of themselves as students, friends, family members, coworkers and members of a broader community.”

Several recent campuswide efforts that address student needs, such as The W Food Pantry and Warrior Wardrobe, are part of the Warrior Life and Wellness initiative.

Warrior Life and Wellness programming is free to all Wayne State students, faculty and staff. For additional information, visit warriorlife.wayne.edu or contact 313-577-1010.

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