June 21, 2011

Detroit Trauma Symposium set for Nov. 3-4

The 2011 Detroit Trauma Symposium is scheduled for Nov. 3-4 at the MGM Grand Detroit.

Sponsored by the Wayne State University School of Medicine and Detroit Receiving Hospital, the symposium, in its 59th year, will feature a two-day agenda that includes:

"Beyond the FAST for the Trauma Patient," Leo Bunting, M.D.; Vitor Coba, M.D.; Phillip Levy, M.D.; and Robert Welch, M.D.

"Acute Burn Nursing Management," Laura Harmon, N.P., and Carla Shock, N.P.

"Cardiac Injuries," Juan Asensio, M.D.

"Management of Major Hepatic Trauma and Related Complications," Thomas Scalea, M.D.

"Pathomechanisms of Severe TBI: Implications for Managing the Multiple Injured Patient," M. Ross Bullock, M.D.

"Abdominal Vascular Injuries," Dr. Asensio.

"Penetrating Trauma: What is Actually Evidence-Based Practice?," L.D. Britt, M.D.

"Mangled Extremities," Dr. Scalea, M.D.

"Management of Compartment Syndromes," Donald Trunkey, M.D.

"Use of Shunts in Vascular Trauma," David Feliciano, M.D.

"Complex Trauma Cases," Drs. Asensio, Croce, Scalea and Trunkey.

"Post Traumatic Abdominal Wall Reconstruction," Martin Croce, M.D.; Randy Janzyk, M.D.; Charles Lucas, M.D.; and Joe Patton, M.D.

"Enterocutaneous Fistulae Wound Care," Tracey Cantwell, R.N.; Heather Schaewe, R.N.; and Rachel Miloski, R.N.

"You're in Trouble Now," a panel on resident training programs in Michigan.

"Fluid Resuscitation in Trauma: What is New?," Eileen Bulger, M.D.

"Penetrating Neck Wounds," Dr. Feliciano.

"Changes in Combat Casualty Care," Dr. Trunkey.

"Acute Abdominal Wall Reconstruction," Dr. Croce.

"Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections," Dr. Bulger.

"Colorectal Injuries: What is New?," Dr. Croce.

"The Management of Enterocutaneous Fistulas," Soumitra Eachempati, M.D.

"The Impact of 'Robotripping,' 'Bowling' or 'Pharming' on Trauma Care," Suzanne White, M.D.

"Newer Concepts in Transfusion for Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock," Lawrence Diebel, M.D.

"Ethical Issues in Surgical Patients," Dr. Eachempati.

"Issues in Palliative Care of the Trauma Patient," Dr. Eachempati; Michael Malian, M.D.; and Michael Stellini, M.D.

Donald Weaver, M.D., chair of the Wayne State University Department of Surgery, will provide welcoming remarks.

The MGM Grand Detroit offers a special room rate of $169 per night for symposium attendees. Hotel reservations must be made by Oct. 3. Please mention "Detroit Trauma Symposium" when making reservations.

To register, visit http://www.drhuhc.org and click on Detroit Trauma Symposium. For more information, call (313) 577-5314 or email cengelma@med.wayne.edu.