Political pundits

A resource for reporters covering elections

Experts from Wayne State University's Department of Political Science are ready to help reporters interpret campaign and election happenings, and to help explain the sometimes complex hot-button issues facing the state of Michigan this election year. The WSU Public Relations staff are available to get media in contact with a university expert:

Jeffrey Grynaviski is an associate professor of political science. He is an authority on congressional party activities, voter behavior and congressional election strategies. Grynaviski is prepared to talk about American political parties, the U.S. Congress, electoral politics and quantitative research methods.

Frederic Pearson is a professor of political science and director of Wayne State's Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. He is a Gershenson Distinguished Research Professor and twice Senior Fulbright Scholar (UK and Netherlands). Pearson is ready to discuss international politics and conflict, international economic analysis, political and civil conflict analysis, and peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. 

Susan Fino is a professor of American Government, Constitutional Law, and Constitutional Rights and Liberties. Fino is prepared to talk about public law, American constitutional law, constitutional rights and liberties, administrative law, and state supreme courts. 

Kevin Deegan-Krause is an associate professor of political science. He has served as a consultant for the U.S. Department of State on the politics of central Europe and is an authority on political parties and democracy in Europe. Deegan-Krause is available to speak about political parties and institutions in Europe and the United States, and related topics including elections, electoral reform, voting behavior, populism, nationalism and comparative politics. 

Ronald Brown is a professor of American government, Detroit politics, religion and politics, and African American politics. He is a community volunteer with Citizen Detroit and a member of the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission. Brown is ready to discuss religion and politics, urban politics, Detroit politics, political dissent, and race and politics.