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Are you prepared for severe weather?

Are you prepared for severe weather?

Spring is in the air. But with the introduction of warmer weather comes the potential for tornado activity in Michigan, particularly from March to October, with most activity occurring in June.

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) annually notifies the university community by email, providing helpful information about tornado season preparedness.

The email includes an explanation of the difference between a tornado watch - which means tornadoes could potentially develop - and a tornado warning - which signifies that a tornado has been sighted in the area.

The ORM offers the following safety tips in the event of severe weather:

  • Evacuation plans showing the location of shelter areas are posted in most university buildings. 
  • If a building has a basement and there's enough advanced notice, occupants are encouraged to proceed there. If this isn't possible, the safest areas of buildings (including multi-story facilities) are within the middle or interior sections and rooms. 
  • Interior rooms with no windows and glass are preferable. Most restrooms fit this description. 
  • Employees should have a flashlight and cell phone with them when seeking shelter for severe weather.

For further information, visit idrm.wayne.edu/risk/ or call 313-577-3110.