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Wayne State employee honored for giving gallons

Wayne State employee honored for giving gallons

As the School of Medicine's Manager of Education Support, Audio Visual and Media Production Services, Jim Peters' daily role is almost always behind the scenes.

When it comes to donating blood, however, Peters is always front and center.

The American Red Cross recently recognized Peters for his commitment to giving blood, an effort that has seen him provide 13 gallons in donations since he was 20.

Peters says his mother convinced him to begin donating when he was a young man. His father was ill at the time and required blood, so he and his mother began donating together.

"When my dad was sick, sometimes I would feel helpless as a young adult, but being able to donate a pint of blood offered some kind of satisfaction that I was able to do something for him," Peters says. "Plus, I understand that if I was ever in need, there would always be some for me too."

Peters said he will continue donating as long as he is able.

If you'd like to learn more about donating blood, visit the Southeastern Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross online