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Word Warriors list is more than a bunch of buncombe

Word Warriors list is more than a bunch of buncombe

As part of its initiative to draw attention to some of the English language's most expressive yet neglected words, WSU's Word Warriors website has released its fifth annual list of the top 10 words deserving to be used more often.

"The English language has more words in its lexicon than any other," says Jerry Herron, dean of WSU's Irvin D. Reid Honors College and a member of the website's editorial board. "By making use of the repertoire available to us, we expand our ability to communicate clearly and help make our world a more interesting place. Bringing these words back into everyday conversation is just another way of broadening our horizons."

The Word Warriors' 2013 list includes:

Rubbish; nonsense; empty or misleading talk.

The blue of the sky.

Like a turtle.

To compel by coercion; to force someone to do something they'd rather not.

Extreme anxiety, distress, nervousness or irritability.

Excessively sentimental; sappy; hopelessly trite.

To talk aimlessly, often at great length.

Banter; frivolous talk.

Literally, a cave-dweller. More frequently a backward, mentally sluggish.

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