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New program makes it easy to recycle old cellphones

New program makes it easy to recycle old cellphones

The Office of Campus Sustainability's new cellphone recycling program makes it easier to dispose of old phones. Small cardboard boxes are located throughout campus where phones can be dropped off and their components repurposed.

Drop-off boxes are located at:
• Academic and Administrative Building
5700 Cass Avenue, Fourth floor Risk Management Office

• Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building
259 Mack Avenue, First Floor Security Desk

• Facilities Planning and Management
5454 Cass Avenue, Front Desk

• Office of Campus Sustainability
5425 Woodward Avenue, Suite 101

• Student Center
5221 Gullen Mall, Campus Information and Service Center

Recycling an old cellphone helps keep toxic metals and components from getting into landfills and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Please contact the Office of Campus Sustainability at 313-577-5068 if you would like a cellphone recycling box in your location.